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Pediatric Speech Therapy with "Mr. Bob"

When your child is not speaking clearly or not able to communicate well, you may feel anxiety about their development and sucess in school and relationships.  Bob understands this.  He has four decades of speech therapy experience.


Speech development during therapy with a child isn't accomplished in a a series of 30-minute appointments. It occurs over the course of every interaction you and others have with your child throughout the day.  Bob will help you optimize those interactions based on the specific speech goals that need to be addressed.


How old should my child be to work with Bob in the telepractice setting?


Under age 8? Bob no longer treats young children under the age of 8.  If your child is this young, please contact your primary physician or health insurance company for guidance on how to proceed


Over age 8?  Children over the age of 8 are generally able to sustain well during a telepractice speech therapy session.  Please see here for the difficulties Bob treats



How much therapy will my child need?  Is more better?


Depending on the severity of the speech or voice difficulty and the duration of home practice that will benefit the client most between the sessions, Bob's client's generally see him once a week, or every other week.


When a child completes home practice as Bob recommends, it is ample work for the time period between visits.  More frequent therapy sessions cannot replace regular integration of home practice exercises and games Bob will give your child and you to complete. 

Telepractice speech therapy for clients in Minnesota


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