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Minnesota Voice & Speech Collections Policy


  • Speech therapy coverage under health insurance varies. It is the client's responsibility to check with their insurance company about exclusions, deductibles, care network and referral requirements


  • Claims processing time for individual insurance companies can vary. Questions on the status of a claim should be addressed with our Office Manager, Marti.


  • Invoices are sent monthly when there is a balance on a patient account. The "statement amount" listed at the top of your invoice is the amount owed.  If we have filed insurance claims on your behalf, this is the amount your insurance payer has assigned as your responsibility to pay.


  • Payment is due to our office within 21-days of invoice. If payment in a lump sum is not possible, please contact our office to discuss a payment plan with Marti.


  • When an account exceeds 150-days past due, we will turn the account over to our collections agency.

Telepractice speech therapy for clients in Minnesota


Please contact our office by email at info@mnvoiceandspeech.net

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