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Out-of-Network Insurance

Minnesota Voice & Speech Clinic does not accept the following out-of-network insurance:


  • Medicare
  • Hennepin Health
  • Health Partners
  • Ucare
  • Aetna
  • United Healthcare
  • Any health insurance company, not specifically listed above, for which Minnesota Voice & Speech is an out-of-network provider




What if I am already a patient with insurance through one of these companies?


If you are a Minnesota Voice & Speech patient who registered using one of these insurance companies prior to May 1, 2015, your insurance coverage has been grandfathered into our insurance and billing policy.  We will continue to file your claims and secure authorization for your services as long as you remain an active patient* and your insurance does not change.



What if I am already a patient, but I change insurance to one of these companies?


Active patients* (those registered prior to May 1, 2015) whose insurance coverage changes for any reason to one of the companies listed above will be changed to "private pay."


*Active patient:  a patient who has been seen in our office within the past twelve (12) months


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Since July 31, 2017, find us in our new office:  6800 France Avenue South, Suite 147, Edina, MN  55435

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