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Therapy Sessions & Home Practice

Individual therapy sessions, if recommended following your evaluation, are 30-minutes in length.  Parents, family members or patient advocates are always welcome to sit in on therapy sessions.  We do believe that if a child is old enough to ask to do therapy by themselves, we will respect their wish to be independent.  Parents can also request their child work independently, depending on their therapy goals.  Bob can briefly answer parent or advocate questions at the close of a session. If there are more detailed questions, a separate appointment should be scheduled.


Home practice — "homework" — will be outlined for you at the end of each session.  Home practice notes and a folder to organize your work will be provided so that you can refer to what you learned in the office.  If you misplace or lose your home practice, call or email the office, and we will send it to you again. 


The success of long term goals in therapy depends on regular home practice.  Thirty-minutes of therapy in an office setting will generally not help you reach your goals as quickly as if you work a little bit each day.  If you have questions or practice is not going well, please contact us.  It is better for you to keep appointments, even if you have not practiced as much as you thought you should. Practice work may need to be modified to make the practice beneficial for you. Work in the session can also help improve home practice.


Bob's motto about home practice:  "A little of something is better than a whole lot of nothing." —Dan Milliman

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Telepractice speech therapy appointments available Monday through Friday, by appointment.  Please contact our office by email at info@mnvoiceandspeech.net

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