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How Long Will I Need Therapy?

People often ask, "How long will I be in therapy?"  This is a question that depends on many factors—before the evaluation it is difficult to predict.


Depending on the complexity of your speech, voice, swallowing or breathing difficulty, speech therapy may be recommended for a few sessions, a few months, or it may require a much longer duration.


Following the patient evaluation, Bob will explain what he believes would be a reasonable expectation for the frequency (how many times) and duration (over a period of time) of recommended therapy.  Achieving goals within that expected time is subject to patient adherence to at home practice and recommendations, and attending appointments as scheduled.


Above all, remember that it is your therapy.  We are successful when you no longer need to come back.  We will see you as much  or as little as you need for care. Please feel free to discuss your progress as you work in therapy.

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