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About Minnesota Voice & Speech Clinic

MINNESOTA VOICE & SPEECH CLINIC is a specialty medical practice in speech/language pathology.


Our patients come to see us for evaluation and therapy for voice, speech, and orofacial myofunctional problems.


Most patients are referred by a physician or medical practitioner.  Some are self-referred or recommended by family or other care givers.


Patients, age 5 and older, are seen for the following problems:


  • Voice Disorders: Medical voice problems such as vocal nodules, vocal polyps, muscle tension dysphonia, recurring voice roughness.  Patients should be seen by an otolaryngologist (ear, nose & throat physician) for examination prior to voice evaluation and therapy.


  • Pediatric Speech Articulation Disorders (patients age 5 and older): Unintelligible speech in young children and articulation errors in children or teengers who do not qualify for speech therapy at school.


  • Myofunctional Disorders: Oral functional disorders involving normal oral resting posture, oral stage swallowing, and speech articulation.  Most likely identified by the patient's dentist or orthodontist.  Can present as recurring choking, face and jaw pain or other oral symptoms that do not seem to have a clear underlying pathology.


  • Fluency Disorders (stuttering, blocking, stammering):  These disorders may arise in early childhood or early school age.  While no "cure" has been developed, therapy can be effective in helping to facilitate ease of communication, reduce speaking stress, and help to develop understanding within the family and peer group. Patients age 5 and older are seen in our clinic for fluency disorder.


  • Teenage Speech and Language Disorders.  Most often these are problems that were not addressed by or did not respond well to speech therapy at a younger age.  As communication needs change in this pre-adult stage, teenagers with speech and language problems can often encounter problems with family and peers.


  • Functional Breathing Disorders / Vocal Cord Dysfunction:  These patients are referred by their allergist or pulmonologist for difficult breathing problems that are functional in nature.

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Telepractice speech therapy appointments available Monday through Friday, by appointment.  Please contact our office by email at info@mnvoiceandspeech.net

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