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Understanding Speech Therapy & Health Insurance

We provide this overview to help you understand the nature of speech therapy under medical insurance plans.  Your specific plan can be explained by your company's member service representative.  Decision on each claim is subject to medical review by your insurance company.


Having medical insurance does not guarantee coverage or payment for speech therapy.


Speech therapy coverage and exclusions are specific under insurance plans.  It is your responsibility to inquire about and be familiar with your health insurance plan before coming to our office.  Call the member services phone number on the back of your insurance card.  Ask about coverage, exclusions, if a written doctor's order or referral is required, deductible you must pay, and co-payment/co-insurance.


A policy may only cover rehabilitative speech therapy services deemed "medically necessary" such as those needed for treatment due to "injury, stroke, cancer, congenital anomaly, autism spectrum disorder or following cochlear implant."  Member services will be able to tell you whether coming to speech therapy requires a doctor's order or written referral.


If your policy requires a doctor's order or referral, we can begin your therapy only after we have received that referral.  You may bring it with you to your evaluation or your doctor's office may fax it directly to us at 952-929-1846.


If your diagnosis does not meet your policy's coverage criteria for speech therapy, you will be responsible for all charges for services received at our clinic.


If your claims are denied because your diagnosis does not meet the criteria for coverage under your policy, you have appeal rights.  We can provide you documentation from your medical records for that appeal; however we cannot submit the appeal for you.  Member services can help you with the appeal process.


Please let our office manager, Marti Priest, know if you have any questions.


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